female sloths literally scream when they want sex and can be heard up to 700 meters away


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I hate hot boys


Jayne Mansfield and daughter Jayne Marie with a baby bunny, 1950’s

I’m so fucking hurt

I’m going to get over you

When you stop fighting yourself, accept who you are, all of a sudden, there’s no more weight on your shoulders. You become free, to follow your heart and fall deeply in love.
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Anonymous asked:
Why do scorpios over think everything. When half of them knows how simple things can be. And why week they are sad they think the worse. And can be so self destructive? It's like we're half and half. Half weak. But extremely strong when we need to be. Or pushed to far. I'm a confused Scorpio at the moment. Feel so unsettled with everything. And it's cos I'm feeling so negative about everything :/ help.


We Scorpio’s like to understand every kind of situation, therefore we analyze each possibility. And like a scorpio, not everything is as simple as it may seem. There are many intricate depths, we seek to discover and comprehend. Self destruction and transformation is apart of our nature, to transform, we must tear ourselves down, to rise again from the ashes as a strong majestic being (a phoenix). This is done countless of times during a Scorpio’s life time, eventually we’ll become so use to it. Unlike, most of the other zodiac signs, we thrive on deep and powerful emotions, and are passionate as hell. To be so in tune with our feelings, there are going to be good and bad qualities. To experience life on the biggest of high, there plummets a low. One of the major lessons in life is to appreciate what you have when it comes. It may not seem necessary now, or you may feel like the world is against you, but you will soon come to understand your purpose, wisdom and peace. 

-A Scorpio Woman  

Be careful who you choose to empathise with. Abruptly, they can develop into something treacherous.
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I receive a great deal of satisfaction, from exposing one’s deepest craving. A prowl look of sexual appetite, resonating within our eyes. Be careful what you wish for, I can make fantasy into a reality.
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Anonymous asked:
How hard is it for a Scorpio woman to trust someone?


We don’t trust anyone from the very beginning. You have to earn our trust. Simply giving this away freely, is not in our nature. As we eventually only trust a fair few people. 

-A Scorpio Woman


If anything, this has been spoken so very many times about Scorpio but, it’s one of the most remarkable, unnatural occurrence. When first meeting someone, generally others will just look at someone at face value. Whether they are quite similar to themselves personally, maybe the same taste in…

People choose to ignore the other side of themselves. The twisted not so pleasant, curled up inside them, afraid to divulge. When this is what you feel, the emotions circling within your system. You cannot deny, no more than accepting the false truth. Please go on and tell me I’ve succumb to a weakness, but I am passing judgement that I’m human.
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Anonymous asked:
what do you think should a man be like? I mean for a scorpio woman ...


  • When it comes down to love, money and buying gifts isn’t essential for us. I want your heart, mind and soul. We are not materialistic people. 
  • But saying this, we want to know what your future goal and dreams are. To know that you want to be someone, who’s driven and motivated to grow as a person as well determined to go places in life. 
  • Don’t you dare think that you can control me. We are equals, I have many options in life and I don’t appreciate being told what to do. If I wanted your help or advice I would ask for it. There is a time and place for being told what to do. But I absolutely hate this.
  • Once I’ve fallen in love, that’s it. I want you, to be mine and I don’t take sharing likely. I need to be loyal, and trustworthy, if not you’re wasting my time. 
  • I like to be challenged, to grow, to learn about different new and exciting things. Mentally stimulating..
  • There has to be a level of compassion, and emotional connection, but strong. 
  • I am completely attracted to strength of character. To be confident in yourself that you’re not afraid. Always stay true to yourself. We’ll respect you more this way.
  • Intriguing and mysterious, enough to keep my attention on you. 
  • Honesty, is also a big issue. Tell the truth and be upfront. I’d rather you to tell me, then hide it away. 
  • Dare I say it. Hard to get. There has to be some resistance. Being easy is boring. 
  • Be flirty and fun. We get so caught up in the seriousness that sometimes we just need a good laugh. We are also quite witty and have a dirty humor. 

-A Scorpio Woman 

Be real with me, tell me the truth, instead of hiding behind a lie. I deserve better than this, you don’t have to pretend anymore. I am not your joke
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